These Free Drum Lessons Include 
Single Strokes One-Height
Lesson Four:

These free drum lessons will take you to the next level......

Now that we have covered the basic stoke motions in lesson 3, we will continue with the first real "category" of drumming: Single Strokes One-height. 

As I mentioned previously, playing alternating single strokes with great control over stick height, stick path, and rhythm is essential to becoming a great player.  

Just two basic motions....

To play the exercises in this section you only need two basic stroke motions:

1)  Float Stroke

2) Multiple Stroke

These were covered in detail in lesson three, and now we will apply them to the first three basic exercises - all designed to get your hands moving well and playing well. Combinations of 8th notes and 16th notes are the best way to begin applying these strokes to real drumming. 

Tips for success: 

  • Hold on to your sticks! Keep your fingers in place and use your wrists.
  • Use a "medium" stick height (approx. 8 inches) to play the first 7 exercises.
  • Use a metronome and play the rhythms accurately.
  • Start slow and gradually build up speed.
  • Relax and use a smooth, fluid motion. 

Watch the video instruction for  this lesson to help you correctly master these first basic exercises!

#1- Eight on a Hand – Developing the multiple stroke

Tip: At the end of each measure stop the stick in rest position and hold it there while the other hand plays. Don't let in "wander" around. 

#2 - Eighths and Sixteenths – Alternating Hands with accuracy and speed. 

Tip: When you bring in the left hand in measure two, be sure to lift it to the same stick height as the right hand.

#3 - Eighth and Sixteenth Note Rhythm Combinations 

Tip: Be careful to notice the smooth change between float stroke on the 8th notes to multiple stroke on the 16th notes. 

The Power of Learning to Read Music

If reading music is something you do not feel very confident about then this is the lesson to really step up and learn. YOU CAN DO IT!  It is not difficult to read simple 8th note and 16th note rhythms.  Count things out slowly as I teach you in the videos for this lesson as well as for lesson five. It will come with time and you will be SO GLAD you took the time to learn how to read music!

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