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This is Randall Beach, author and creator of learn-how-to-play-drums.com and DrummingExpert.com.  

I have a question for you; 

How do you take your drumming to the next level?  I mean really improve and make measurable progress the towards becoming the drummer you want to be? 

We all have drummers that we look up to. We see them at concerts, in videos, listen to them in recordings. They most likely inspired us with the desire to learn how to play drums in the first place. 

What is it about these players, specifically that make them so great? Why are THEY the ones setting the standards of drumming that inspire the rest of us? Why are they the ones making the recordings, selling the albums, and enjoying the rewards of performing at a world-class level?

Famous, world-class drummers are great because they do certain things that make their playing refined, effortless, and superb.

This website dedicated to helping you learn how to play drums by understanding the details of great drumming techinique

We All Start Out Knowing Nothing!

I started out just like everyone else, knowing nothing! I fell in love with drumming and I wanted more than anything to learn how to play drums. I finally got my first drum set and started "banging" around and having a good time. BUT somehow I knew there was so much more, I knew I was not very good.

A Life-Long Quest to Discover the Secrets of Drumming...

 I have spent the last 37 years studying and searching to discover the "secrets" of world-class drummers.  I have been blessed to study with many great teachers. And over this long period of time have discovered and assembled the strategies and techniques that create this highest level of world-class playing. This process transformed me from nothing to a long professional drumming career that includes recording film and television scores in studios, playing many different kinds of music from Jazz, to Rock, to Country, and even playing with the World Championship Concord, CA Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps. Through all of this I have continued searching, studying and experimenting with everything I could learn. I have worked personally with HUNDREDS of students, experimenting, testing and finally put together a step-by-step process - a SYSTEM of drumming mastery -  that will put YOU on this same path of progress towards world-class drumming skills. 

So many of my students have been able to make dramatic progress in short periods of time and ultimately perform at the highest professional levels.

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This is where the MAGIC begins!

Best of luck becoming the best drummer you can be!

Let's get started!!

How to Play Drums: 

What People Are Saying:

"Randall has an inspiring ease that comes through in his playing and teaching - lightning fast, monster chops combined with insightful, patient instruction. If you really aspire to take your drumming to the next level then Randall Beach is your guy!"  

David M. Pierson, Attorney, former member Concord Blue Devils

“I just wanted to tell you..... YOU have changed my drumming life with your videos and your book. Your methodology works for me. Your instruction on holding the stick (as simple as that is!) changed my whole technique and advanced me to a near-pro level in about a year or so. I have been practicing about 2 hours per day (usually on the pad), and I used to do this years ago (to no great advantage once I got on the drum set). I was not taught great technique and never shown how to "hold onto the stick." I never had a really proper open roll and my left hand was always lacking. Not anymore! My left hand matches my right in grip, sound, and in feel. Wow! Once I learned how to use my wrists in conjunction with my fingers - I advanced and still am learning and growing each and every day. What a JOY to play the drums now. I can hear something and play advanced figures much more effortlessly. I can feel my little fingers holding onto the stick and controlling the rebounds. My open roll is awesome (according to my newest teachers now). I told them it was YOU. ALL YOU. Practice never helped me. Perfect Practice is my new mantra. And of course, "Hold Onto Your Sticks." Such little changes for me have produced monumental changes in my technique and touch. Who would of figured! And I love your book. It has an honored place in my library and on my drum stand or wherever I put my pad! Just wanted you to know that since I was 10 years old, with plenty of teachers, including orchestral and band, YOU are by far the best teacher I have ever had in my life. And I mean that. That's why I'm writing you today, I just had to say THANKS! ”

John Butcher

“I have been playing for over 50 years. I practice at least 2 to 3 hours daily. Finding you on the web has been a life changing experience for me. I own just about every drum book published and have had long relationships with Joe Morello and Ron Spagnardi of Modern Drummer magazine. The video lessons you provide in conjunction with the book are brilliant. I am reexamining everything I play. I am more charged up than ever and cannot thank you enough for all you do for drum education. You're a brilliant drummer and a very special person.”

Paul Marcil

“I just want to thank you for your book and your lessons. The chapter on single strokes and the breakdown of the duple rhythm pyramid has rocked my world! The exercises with the 8 and 16 notes really really helped me in understanding some drum fills in music. I spent hours on YouTube and Google trying to make sense of some of these concepts. Eventually giving up in frustration and wanting to quit. I actually did for 2 years. After studying your book. You could almost say it was like a eureka moment when I started applying it to the drum set. It just hit me. I'm excited about music again. Clarity was all I needed to make me want to stay with it!”

Craig Roberts